Focus is at the core of the Plentiful approach. We get to know your organization and, together, determine the most important things you can and should focus on given your capacity and your goals. And we don’t walk away once we’ve established them. We work with you and your team from initial consult to completion.





Board and staff development

Training and coaching

Metrics and evaluation

Sharon deployed her unique mix of can’t-miss charm and exceptional intelligence to help us create a communication personality and a development plan. Her strategy is high-level, but her step-by-step ability to coach and help implement the plan was critical to our organization. She could quote best practices and national studies by heart, but then call me just before a big ask and remind me that my donor likes to talk about her love for our neighborhood and remind me to let her talk about that pride!
— Shiloh Todorov, Executive Director | German Village Society
More than a fundraiser, Sharon understands how to help an organization imbed itself into the life and energy of a community in order to meet its mission.
— Christine Link, Executive Director | ACLU of Ohio
My initial experience with Sharon was during an interview for a consultant to help us determine the direction we needed to take to establish a foundation in honor of our founder. Needless to say we were impressed. Sharon easily grasped the essence of our aspirations and guided us through the process of determining our vision, mission, values and goals. Working with Sharon was an awesome experience.
— Patricia Mullins, President & CEO | Isabelle Ridgway Care Center // Board of Trustees | Isabelle Ridgway Foundation